Happy Holidays!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. All the stores and the homes are decked out in holiday decorations. People are bustling about buying gifts and goodies for loved ones. Then there is the candy. It wouldn’t be the holidays without those yummy candy canes calling your name. What child can resist the tasty treats at the holidays? Every school pageant, classroom party, and holiday gathering brings more temptations and more candy!

But with all the excitement and all the hustle and bustle, brushing regularly can fall by the wayside and the sugar in that candy starts to go to work. Before you know it, your child has a cavity. What to do? There is no way to keep those kids from those yummy treats and it is the holidays after all. Kids deserve to have a bit of fun. Just be vigilant with brushing those teeth. Make sure kids do not fall asleep without brushing. Avoid letting them have candy in the evening hours and definitely not after dinner. Make it a special treat at snack time and throw in an extra brushing session to help protect the teeth.

Looking for an alternative to all the sugar and chocolate? Try some dried fruits and nuts. They are a great alternative to the typical sugary snacks and can satisfy a sweet tooth as well.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday season and don’t forget to come back for those recall appointments. Together we can keep your children’s smiles healthy!


  1. Jack Bobeck on November 19, 2014 at 8:43 pm

    Great blog post! Yes, the holidays will bring with themselves quite an assortment of sugary sweets and plenty of gingerbread houses that may end up being more fun to eat…..than to make! Keep up the great posts, just received your flyer in the Money Pages 2014.

    Jack Bobeck
    Happy Hound Dog Resorts
    Jacksonville, FL