About Us

At Kids First Dentistry, we provide dental services ranging from comprehensive preventive care to full restorative procedures in a way that is specialized for kids from infancy through their teens.

The Kids First Dentistry Difference:

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  • Our certified pediatric specialist has two years of pediatric training and additional training in IV sedation.
  • We are trained to deal specifically with all kinds of temperaments as well as with special needs children.
  • We understand behavior management and differences in children’s personalities.
  • We use age-appropriate instruments and have a kid-friendly office setting.
  • We take a child-specific approach to deal with each child and what he or she needs.
  • We take the time to ensure parents and children are comfortable before and during treatment.
  • We provide oral and IV sedations in the office and avoid hospitalization.

One of our favorite activities is going to preschools, elementary schools, and moms groups to talk with children about dental care. Dr. Mahajan has developed her own presentation that is geared to the children’s ages. We bring bags of dental goodies and fun educational videos and have a wonderful time interacting and educating the children.

If you would like Dr. Mahajan and the Kids First Dentistry staff to come to your school or group, let us know when you come to the office. We would love to visit!

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