Welcome to Kids First Dentistry!

As a pediatric dental practice in Jacksonville, Florida, our staff are specially trained to work with parents and their kids—from infancy through their teens.

Did you know that all children should begin seeing a pediatric dentist by one year of age and flossing by age two? Daily cleaning of teeth should begin as soon as the first baby tooth erupts. At our office we focus on prevention and education as well as providing quality dental care when needed. Our goal is to provide parents with the information they need to create a lifetime of healthy smiles for their children!

Call today to learn more about our services, ask questions, and schedule a visit. We are conveniently located on Roosevelt Boulevard close to the Westside, Avondale, Ortega, and Normandy Boulevard areas as well as NAS Jacksonville.

We’d love to provide a happy dental home for your children!

We take the time to ensure parents and children are comfortable before and during treatment.

Parents are welcome in the back!

The Wand is a computer controlled anesthesia delivery system that provides immediate, gentle and comfortable dental anesthesia.

We provide oral and IV sedations in the office and avoid hospitalization.

A Caring Family Dentist – and Care As You All Age

A Caring Family Dentist – and Care As You All Age

Where do you go for family dentistry and pediatric dentistry in the Jacksonville area?   That’s not just an academic question: it’s a question that parents and heads of households…

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Understanding How Stress May Impact Your Child’s Smile

For years, doctors have been telling adults that stress can increase the likelihood of everything from depression to high blood pressure and everything in between. However, most people don’t think…

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Room For Teeth?

As you evaluate your child’s dental health, various components compete for your attention.   There is the need to assess brushing and what happens to the gum line over time,…

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