Room For Teeth?

As you evaluate your child’s dental health, various components compete for your attention.


There is the need to assess brushing and what happens to the gum line over time, just like there is for a dental patient of any age.


At the same time, there’s also a big focus on the development of both the baby and adult teeth as your child goes through several key stages of development.


Pediatric Dentistry


It starts as your small child gets his or her first baby teeth – a process called teething that can be harrowing and painful for some children. It’s even common for children to experience symptoms like fever along with the teething process.


Later, you’ll be helping to care for those baby teeth as they develop, and eventually, they will fall out and yield the adult teeth that will be in your child’s mouth for life.


Orthodontic Concerns


Although you may use a specialty orthodontist to install braces or retainers or other gear, the pediatric dentist is often the front line for orthodontic concerns.


Pediatric dentists will flag issues related to the development of teeth and help parents to determine whether there is room in the mouth for new teeth to come in. If not, some type of orthodontic treatment may be necessary.


Ongoing Habits


Most pediatric dentists will also stress the importance of maintaining daily habits. This helps to set up your child for a lifetime of better dental health.


We help families to deal with all of these practical concerns as well as insurance, scheduling, and more. These are not just small details in the dental industry, and we have found that having clinical and clerical staff working well together is an enormous value for our families. 


Think of it this way – as your child goes through all of these stages, we walk through them with you, providing evaluation and consulting as needed. We provide that clear framework over time and consistent analysis of your child’s dental health. That consistency is important as they grow, and we understand that as a family dentist serving local families. All of that plus our warm and welcoming environment makes us a go-to for Jacksonville families who don’t just want a “general dentist” for pediatric patients, but one that is attuned to the different needs of a child. 


Get connected to a Jacksonville-area dentist that cares about your family. At KidsFirst Dental, we really do put the kids first – and it shows!