Benefits Of Wand Anesthesia

Here at Kids First Dentistry, we cater to the whole family, and that means including pediatric dentistry as part of our skill set.

Let’s talk about some of the strategic ways that we work to accommodate young children in a dental setting.

Feeling Comfortable

Most experienced dentists understand that part of the value in pediatric dentistry is allowing children to feel more confident and comfortable as they get into the dental chair, but not all practices do much to make this a reality.

There are a lot of aspects to that process of catering to children – your waiting room and general environment can make a difference – but there’s also new technology that does a lot for young children, as well as older patients with dental anxiety or who need a gentler, calmer approach. We’ll talk about a major one that has a lot of application to family dentistry for some pretty compelling reasons.

Wand Anesthesia

The wind anesthesia kit is an innovative way to deliver a numbing agent into the gum line that is much more user-friendly for patients than a traditional syringe.

Instead of the old method of jabbing a needle into the gums, the wand uses a pen type instrument to deliver the anesthesia very effectively, in just the right dose.

That makes it much easier for the dentist to administer the anesthesia, and cuts down on the patient’s anxiety in what can be a trying part of the treatment process.

Talking About the Benefits

So obviously, the big benefit of wand anesthesia is that it can make young children and anxious patients more comfortable.

Companies selling these products like to talk about how they drive customer loyalty in a bid to talk to dentists about their bottom line.

Yes, these types of investments can return great profit, but that’s not why we buy them. We buy them for the patient, because we understand that it’s really night and day in terms of the patient experience, especially in pediatric dentistry.

When we invest in this type of technology, the patient benefits. Children get a better experience, and that builds more confidence in dental visits for the rest of their lives. We know how important this is, and so we make it our priority to help families with better in-office treatment. Look to the site for more resources or call or come in to see how we treat the whole family in a warm and welcoming environment, with the right tools to make your kiddo smile!