A Caring Family Dentist – and Care As You All Age

A Caring Family Dentist – and Care As You All Age

Where do you go for family dentistry and pediatric dentistry in the Jacksonville area?


That’s not just an academic question: it’s a question that parents and heads of households ask themselves as they end up needing dental care or exams. You want a place where you will be comfortable coming over time, and where people know how to work with dental insurance. Many locals consider Kids First Dentistry (which is an office for the whole family!) a go-to for the entire family’s dentistry services because of the credentials and experience of the doctors, but also because of the care and dedication of the team here.


A Warm Welcome


You can see how this works when you walk in the door. Making people feel at home is a big part of welcoming new patients to a family dentistry practice. It’s not just a generic type of service business where you open up a waiting room and lay some magazines on the coffee table. A team with a great heart for people is a must!


Going the extra mile sets the stage for great patient interactions and, frankly speaking, a full office. We have lived by that principle here and it shows in our patient relationships and our standing in the Jacksonville community.


Different Dental Needs by Age


Family dentistry also means anticipating how different patients will have particular needs as they age.


For instance think, about someone between birth and age 2. Teething and tooth eruption will be critically important, and how the baby teeth develop will have to be evaluated for dental health later in life. We have tips online for this age range in order to help parents to prepare.


Then there’s adolescence, where you have wisdom teeth and various alignment and cosmetic needs.


Then as people age, you have routine maintenance as well as interventions for keeping teeth healthy.


That’s the kind of customization that is required of the best family dentistry practices around!


There’s also the issue of keeping patients as comfortable and pain-free as possible while they are undergoing treatment. We offer oral and IV anesthesia for patients according to their health profiles and other factors.


We also provide excellent consultation on the risks and benefits of any given procedure and alternatives. We do all of this with a value of caring for locals who need skilled dentists to help them to keep their smiles happy!


Come to Kids First Dentistry for great family dentistry in the Jacksonville area.